Hey guys, OpenCart 2 has been officially released, So, Here, I have be pointing out for how to setup layout position of module in OpenCart 2.x. OpenCart supports various Modules which allows you to choose various features that best suit your needs.

Install and configure module

  1. Go to Extensions > Modulessetup layout position of module
  2. First of all you have to install the module. To do so, click on Install button. As one demonstration, let us install the bestsellers module.install modules
  3. When the module is installed, press “Edit” button, and you go to settings of module.enabled status of modulesClick on “Save” button in the top right corner when you have completed settings of bestsellers module.

Now, You need to ‘setup position for modules’. Then go to Layouts. You can access Layouts in some ways:

Setup layout position of module

  1. Go to System > Design > Layoutsset layout position
  2. Click on “Edit” button to set the modules position for Home page.edit layout home page
  3. Select the bestsellers modules from Modules option and then Select the Position for layout of bestsellers. Set the sort order to set the order of bestsellers module on the page when other modules are added on the same page.set module position
  4. Click on “Save” button in the top right corner when you have completed settings of layout of Home.
  5. Now you have enabled the bestsellers module and you will be able to view bestsellers module in Home page front End.

In the same way you can continue with “setup layout position” of other modules in Latest OpenCart 2.x version.