This information will help you to understand it more clearly for how to setup products filters in OpenCart. It will help users focus in on what they are searching.

Setup Products Filters

  1. Go to Catalog > Filters and click on the Add New button (top right corner) to create a filter group. then Assign a filter group name (e.g. Color) and add filter name values (e.g. Blue, Red, Yellow). Click Save.setup products filters
  2. Go to Catalog > Categories and Edit a category. Under the Data tab add the filters you want to be able to apply to that category (e.g. Color > Blue, Color > Red). Click on Save to apply the changes.add filters to category
  3. Go to Catalog > Products and Edit a product. Under the Links tab add the filters which apply to the product (e.g. Color > Blue). Apply to as many products as applicable. and Save the product.add filters to product

Assign position for filter module in layout

    1. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules and install, Edit the Filter module then set status to Enabled and click Save.
    2. Go to System > Design > Layout, find the “Category” layout and edit it. then setup position for module in layout.
    3. The setup is completed. please check it now in category page. you will see filter (Refine Search) option.opencart products filters

I hope the tutorial help you understand for “setup products filters” in OpenCart. Feel free to share your comments and queries in the comments section below.